Rover Route Finalized

The ARRL June VHF Contest is coming up, and the club rover will be at it again! On Saturday, June 12th, KL7VHF will start out in the hills above Anchorage and finish the day in Sterling, activating four grids along the way.

Remember that you can work all stations on all VHF and UHF bands for points. But with rovers there is an added benefit: when the rover gets to a new grid you can work that rover again for points. (Rovers can add a lot of action to a contest when used this way.)

Click here for a listing showing the where and when of the rover route. The homepage also has a handy list of calling frequencies. Use this list to know where to tune during the contest.

Club members have been improving stations over the years and adding a lot more 6-meter horizontally-polarized capability, so expect a lot of activity there. If you have an HF+6 rig and don’t have an antenna all you need is a simple horizontal dipole to get you started.

The rover will have the following bands and modes available:

  • 6 M: SSB and FM, 2-element Yagi
  • 2 M: SSB and FM, 11-element Yagi
  • 70 cm: SSB and FM, 11-element Yagi
  • 23 cm: SSB and FM, 16-element Yagi

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