Ham radio club meeting
Snapshot from one of our digital operating workshops.

Business and BOD Actions

Board of Directors June 2019-2021

  • Ed Cole, KL7UW
  • Paul Kiesel, K7CW
  • Dale Hershberger, KL7XJ

AVG Officers Sept. 2019-2021

  • President – Ed Cole, KL7UW
  • Vice President – Brandon Clark, KL7BSC
  • Secretary & Treasurer – Ed Cole, KL7UW (temporary)


  • Awards Chair – Paul Kiesel, K7CW
  • Contest Chair – Brandon Clark, KL7BSC
  • Webmaster – Ed Cole, KL7UW


The annual meeting will be held concurrent with the Kenai hamfest, and during the Annual PNWVHFS Conference.