Basic ham radio station
Come join us on the nets

Saturday Club Net

The Alaska VHF-Up Net takes place every Saturday morning.

For the last Saturday of the month we use FM. All other Saturdays use SSB, and the net is always run on simplex.

DaySaturdaysLast Saturday
Tune in and test out your station on simplex.

South-Central Simplex Net

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club also runs a simplex net on Wednesdays at 1900. Operation begins on 146.52 FM and progresses through a variety of frequencies and modes.

Repeater Nets

ERC NetSunday-1930147.330 Mhz, Plus shift, 103.5hz Tone
DMR NetMonday-1930TG 3102
Valley North NetMonday-2000147.120 Mhz Plus Shift
Parka NetThursday-1900147.300 Mhz Plus Shift, 141.3hz Tone
Ares NetThursday-2000147.330 Mhz Plus Shift, 103.5hz Tone
These nets are run by other clubs

HF Nets

For a good listing of other nets, including on HF, check out the Matanuska Amateur Radio Association’s net listing at