Portable Operating Workshops

The dates have been set for the two workshops we will be holding this spring/summer. On May 1st we will be holding the first workshop at Finger Lakes State Recreation Area, in Wasilla. The second workshop is going to be held June 13th in Soldotna (specific location TBD).

Don’t miss out on a chance to learn how to set up in a park, from your campsite, or even on a mountaintop. Alaska is too beautiful a place to stay indoors. Taking your radio with you and making contacts makes the outdoors even more fun!


  1. Hi Brandon, I saw your email thread with Bridgit on MARAtech forum. I’m a new ham (KL5BB) and would love to join KL7vhf. I’d like to join all of you in Soldotna when that comes together. I’m looking to learn and very interested in POTA. I live in Palmer but will be in Arkansas for the May event. I’m also waiting for hardware to arrive and will start learning CW soon. I am an ARRL member.

    1. Hi there Amy, and welcome to the group! I sent you an email directly with instructions for joining.
      We are still settling on a venue for the June workshop in Soldotna, so keep an ear out for final plans. Our calendar (https://kl7vhf.org/activities/calendar/) will be updated once that venue is set. In the meantime, once Ed has you set up as a member be sure to subscribe to the email reflector (description at https://kl7vhf.org/contact-us/email-reflector/). Everything that is happening in the club goes out there first.
      Also, check out https://kl7vhf.org/special-events/parks-on-the-air/ for more information on Parks on the Air in Alaska. There is even a section with maps of all Alaska park units.
      Welcome to the group.

    2. Amy,

      I have added you to the membership as No. 91 (sent updated list to Brandon for uploading). When you get radio and antennas set up be sure to try the Saturday Net at 9:30am on 144.200 USB. Even if you can’t quite make it down to the Peninsula, others in Anchorage can relay in your check-in. Last Saturday of the month we operate on 146.52 FM.

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