June VHF Rover Photos

Some photos from the club rover station, KL7VHF, are available here: https://brandonclarklabs.com/amateur-radio/vhf-contesting/2021-arrl-june-vhf/

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POTA Success

When you go out for a contest, who says you have to only do a contest? During the VHF contest this past weekend we picked the first stop for the rover as a parks on the Air unit: Chugach State Park (K-1637) The Glen Alp parking lot makes for a perfect VHF operating location, with… Continue reading POTA Success

Rover Results

This was another great turnout for the June VHF contest. We had a lot of activity again this year, with the 23 cm band being a big surprise. Lots of action was happening on that band, thanks to a number of operators using Icom IC-9700 radios. Rover Results QSOs: 36 Multipliers: 11 Raw Score: 583… Continue reading Rover Results

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Rover Route Finalized

The ARRL June VHF Contest is coming up, and the club rover will be at it again! On Saturday, June 12th, KL7VHF will start out in the hills above Anchorage and finish the day in Sterling, activating four grids along the way. Remember that you can work all stations on all VHF and UHF bands… Continue reading Rover Route Finalized

Workshop #2 on Sunday

CQ VHF! This Sunday the 13th will be our next Portable Operating Workshop. We are holding this one in beautiful Soldotna at Parker Park, 145 W Park Ave. If you’ve been interested in Parks on the Air, Summits on the Air, Field Day, or just operating from your RV in a campground then this is… Continue reading Workshop #2 on Sunday