POTA Success

When you go out for a contest, who says you have to only do a contest? During the VHF contest this past weekend we picked the first stop for the rover as a parks on the Air unit: Chugach State Park (K-1637) The Glen Alp parking lot makes for a perfect VHF operating location, with… Continue reading POTA Success

Workshop #2 on Sunday

CQ VHF! This Sunday the 13th will be our next Portable Operating Workshop. We are holding this one in beautiful Soldotna at Parker Park, 145 W Park Ave. If you’ve been interested in Parks on the Air, Summits on the Air, Field Day, or just operating from your RV in a campground then this is… Continue reading Workshop #2 on Sunday

Kenai Hamfest Announced

The Kenai Hamfest is back this year and will be held at Parker Park, in Soldotna. (This is the same location as the portable operating workshop, but a different day.) The format will be tailgate-style with a $5 registration, which includes a door prize ticket. Come to buy, come to sell, come to look. Remember… Continue reading Kenai Hamfest Announced

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Workshop Tomorrow

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our first workshop of the season. We will be covering how to set up simple, fun portable radio stations in the field. Event takes place at 1000, at Finger Lake State Recreation Area, in Wasilla. The first station we will demonstrate is for backpack portable HF-VHF. This is best suited… Continue reading Workshop Tomorrow

Parks on the Air

We have added a bunch of new material in preparation for some Parks on the Air events we have coming up. Check out the new POTA Maps page for handy references to all of the various POTA park units in Alaska. There is even a Google Earth KML file you can download – great for… Continue reading Parks on the Air

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