Workshop Tomorrow

Finger Lake State Recreation Area. The foliage may not be all green yet, but it will still be fun!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our first workshop of the season. We will be covering how to set up simple, fun portable radio stations in the field. Event takes place at 1000, at Finger Lake State Recreation Area, in Wasilla.

The first station we will demonstrate is for backpack portable HF-VHF. This is best suited for “fast and light” operations like search and rescue, Summits on the Air, hunting, or backcountry travel.

Next up is a station that is perfect for Parks on the Air, but could be adapted for other portable HF uses too. This station has 100W capability, and could easily be adapted to work inside a camper or RV.

The final demo is a portable HF-VHF-UHF single operator contest station. This setup is the most capable by far, but is still simple enough to be set up by one person. This is a perfect way to enter the local contests, but also has other uses: a net control station during an emergency, command and control during a public service event, or a powerful relay station coordinating communications between small handheld units in the field.

There will be plenty of time for questions, and the best part is that we get to go hands-on with the gear. No powerpoint! If you’ve been interested in learning how to take radio with you in the outdoors then don’t miss out.