Special Events


Contests are the place to test your station, hone your on-air skills, and make lots of contacts. Many local stations work simplex just in the contests, so don’t miss out. Click the button below to find out more.

Parks on the Air

Sometimes we just get tired of being indoors. For times like that there is the Parks on the Air program. Simply set up in one of the approved parks and make at least ten contacts. We encourage VHF/UHF modes, but HF contacts also count. Do both!


For the brave few who take the time to set up the gear there is no greater accomplishment than bouncing signals off the moon. Learn more about this specialized aspect of VHF, UHF, and microwave operating.

Summits on the Air

As if going portable wasn’t hard enough, there is the Summits on the Air program. If you crave suffering enjoy a challenge you can set up on a peak and make contacts. You get credit if you log at least four QSOs, and both VHF and HF contacts count.